Riley and Tinkerbelle

Riley and Tinkerbelle
The Amazing Duo

Friday, November 5, 2010

The latest and greatest

I realize it has been awhile since our last update so here goes. As you all know, Rileys' last MRI was clear. We have been busy watching Riley grow and play like a "normal" kid. She has been growing like a weed and has put on a few more pounds. Her last weigh in she was 26.5 pounds. Her vocabulary has expanded as well. Sometimes I wonder if she has been reading the dictionary while she sits on the potty. Speaking of potty. Riley is hot and cold when it comes time to go. She likes to get completely undressed and sit for awhile Sometimes she asks for a magazine to help pass the time. We will get her over this little hurdle and should be routinely using the potty in no time.

Riley has been to a "little jumper" class where she was able to interact with children her own age. I was able to go with her to her first class where she was very timid and shy. Jen told me that her last class was Friday before Halloween and she slowly came out of her shell. Riley dressed as a turtle and was scared by a dad who dressed in a very realistic Batman costume. (As if Batman is real) Riley was afraid at first but by the end of the class she was ready to be Robin.

Halloween was a wonderful day. In the morning we went to Cardon's to deliver Halloween blankets to the kiddos on the 7th floor. Riley was dressed in her costume and went knocking on the doors. Riley really enjoys giving to others. Riley was also able to visit with some of her favorite nurses. Most of all, she gave Jen, Grandma Lee Lee and I a big smile. It was a great feeling watching her give not only the blankets but smiles. I am so proud of our little fighter. Afterwards, we went to the great grandparents for her to get some Trick or Treat practice. In the evening we loaded up the wagon and went to cousin Luckys' for dinner and a group "Trick or Treat" with some of her cousins. We made the rounds and returned home to pass out candy. Riley did great and didn't want to change out of her turtle costume.

As most are aware, we celebrated Jen's birthday on the 30th. This day also marks the 1 year anniversary of Riley's diagnosis. This was and will continue to be challenging day for years to come. We cherish each and every day with Riley and look forward to a lifetime of anniversaries.

On November 20th we are going to have the drawing for the prizes at Skippy's. We will be there in the evening where Riley will pick the lucky winners. Hope to see you there.

We know that Riley is our child but she is everyones kid. We enjoy sharing our stories and photos with each of you. Thank you all for reading and being a part of our fight.  

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